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bunch of jpg’s into animation movie on

ORA-06533: Subscript beyond count on

Correcting wrong aspect ratio…. on

Dropbox alternative on

spinner fa-spin to fa-pulse on

Google yn it Frysk – moved on

digital sinage raspberry pi on

yes i know on

view showing full table hierarchy (level) in current schema. on

listagg and the 4000 character limit on

Search for oracle objects in unix scripts with specific name. on

What’s that script doing on

minimalize raspian on

Just …. on

ufw on

How to exit some bulk collect loop on

change default text editor in Ubuntu on

cleaning up, weeknumber in php… on

Cleaning up, found some more ‘exiting’ code on

Cleaning up, found some bits of code… on

printer onderzoekje voor mn vriendinnetje on

ref cursor column names on

move directories on

when others on

plug my alcatel 3g modem in an usb3 port…. on

oracle xml quicky on

explode comma separated string in pl/sql on

And now for something completely different…. on

Some Oracle session information on

chrooted sftp on

json kladblok on

bulk update with exception handling on

timezones on

undress raspbian on

where to find c headers on

writing a lcd display program in c on

nfs mount point directory mess on

raspbian stripping on

Mount noatime or relatime on

new raspberry pi setup on

apcupsd on

sending mail from the command line with heirlooms xmail……. on

read data from hyt 271 (c code) on

pandaboard: wifi accesspoint, alcatel hsdpa / sms on

got the hsdpa dongel to work…. on

Search for installable versions of a package (apt-get) on

Turn raspberry pi quickly in an accesspoint on

wordpress and the javascripts on

rsync on

Semantics vs. Presentation in HTML on

shutdown te server after 704 days and 6 and an half hours. on

Fail2ban banned way to happy….. on

Just some statistics on

Very first thing after fresh debian/ubuntu install: VIM on

packages marked as rc (dpkg -l) on

Nice little game on

How to get rid of the login messages in Ubuntu…. on

pi vanavond……….. on

modem on

For the java guys on

dist-upgrade on

aaaaaah my ssh got spoofed …… or what!!! on

Solution: broken raid1, first check the sata cables. on

fuck 12d1:1446, or how usb-modswitch helped to get the Huawei E1820 to live. on

Pandaboard boot messages (from serial console [minicom]) on

/var/lib/preinstalled-pool on fresh ubuntu install on

gammu on

Ifrename or udev rules on

scan an image from the commandline (epson Stylus sx440w) on

too lazy on

Just some command line you should better not use on

Mount samba share on

playing time of all my mp3’s on

convert audiofile to mp3 with ffmpeg on

installing the pcan drivers for linux on

Make my pandaboard an wifi accesspoint on

copy random images on

get my actisense ngt-1 to work…… on

What processes are running on my server: ps aux on

ntp deamon setup on

setup a wordpress site on

wtf script on

Dat dus on

mysql duplicate table definition on

extract file-extensions on

mysqlimport on

Android 4.0 ICS software upgrade for GALAXY Note [..] will follow soon. on

sql runscript on

batch resize images on

sed and repeating occurences on

ignore-case flags in shell commands on

cut sort uniq on

show file types on

tee on

stdin stdout stderr on

bash special parameters, $? on

rsyslogd was HUPed on

Everything about apt-get on

Weatherlinks on

qr voor on

Analyse my telphone bills (in pdf) on

search directory name on

Simpel firewall by iptables on

rdp and vnc and firewall on

3g always on without keyring-password-nagging on

Create hd image with dd on

moron on

find strings in files on

Intel N10 graphics controller keeps crashing under Ubuntu 10.04 on

eGalax touch drivers on

find files by age on

disable powerbutton (on running ubuntu-machine) on

remove security …….. on

virtualisation on


TCP: Treason uncloaked! on

selecteer random files from a directory for moving on

find empty dirs and remove them on

fail2ban on

format harddisk with parted on

fotoalbums maken (geschikt voor linux) on

rtorrent, could not open file message on

Format an external usb disk with only a commandline (linux) on

apt-get state of packages on

Exact timing on

scp file with spaces in the filename on

identities on

bash script parameters on

echo removes double spaces on

bash: read file line by line on

set up lm-sensors on my nas on

Bullying colleagues…. with regular expressions on

Extremely dangerous Ubuntu bug :-) on

Tracing Planes above the Netherlands on

mod_rewrite mod_alias reading order on

Burn iso to cd on

check md5sum Ubuntu cd on

Formatting to_char(date) on

Oracle how to generate an md5sum hash of a string on

Howto install apache and php5 on Ubuntu on

create new user…. on

Raid monitoring on

Nas Raid1 stesstest on

Nieuwe Nas (part 2) installatie. on

in principe nikszeggende commentaarregels on

raid discussie on

linux voor de kidz….. on

Nieuwe desktop pc on

Nieuwe Nas …. on

lachen met google on

google translate en curl on

cups printer network setup: boooooooringgggg on

dvdrippers on

jasper reports, java openjdk en de slechte match on and the Bad HELO on

chroot ssh on

mic compu heit en mem on

Firewall linux on

String naar kolommen. on

digikam heit en mem on

conversie tussen office versies (what the hell) on

meer stoeien met plaatjes on

Wij willen graag een ipad kopen maar hebben geen verstand van on

grep met and en or on

ubuntu 10.04 64 bit en oracle 10 XE on

tar inpakken en weer uitpakken (moved) on

tomcat jasperreports setup on ubuntu 10.04 server on

[ 7.125542] ath5k phy0: Atheros AR2425 chip found (MAC: 0xe2, PHY: 0x70) on

privacymatters on

paar uur eraanvast plakken on

ssh scp sftp port-parameter hell (inconsistency) on

inpakken (zippen) on

hebben???? on

grub2 *^&$%^$#%$# on

poppetjes tekenen on

allow en deny hell on

Zo’n boek on

Joomla, Drupal, WordPress on

mysql on

DVD met menu authoren on

boolean in Oracle on

char varchar en tabel random vullen on

Sintel on

dvdauthoren van een menu dag 2 on

DVD’s samenstellen on

voor op een tegeltje on

kapotte dvd dinges in mijn laptop on

audio sync probleem met avidemux on

jihaaa on

Toon de foreign-key’s en de betrokken wederzijdse tabellen, kolommen en constraints on

Toon tabellen en kolommen met hun pk’s en fk’s uit een schema. on

Scherp blijven…. on

Te vaak geprobeerd on

relatief absolute padnamen on

nikon d80 manual on

random ls on

dolphin, dbus en opensuse 11.3 on

Oracle external table (met utf-8 coded file) on

Vakantie kiekjes – (moved) on

Oracle 10 XE install on OpenSuse 11.3 on

yakuake on

ssh-keygen (wachtwoordloos ssh-en) on

plaatjes on

avchd (mts) omzetten naar pal dvd on

skype opensuse 11.3 on

oracle apex met fop on

linux adminstration rules on

samba setup on

cifs samba autofs on

mount –bind on

datapump on

Oracle database recovery error alter database open; on

smplayer on

ftp server ubuntu 10.04 on

mixed characters (hoofdletters/kleine letters) en ls on

Ubuntu Server 10.04 on

AVCHD and Linux on

Slaperig (moved) on

sql script genereren. on

Joe not vi (moved) on