ORA-06533: Subscript beyond count

yup. This error happend after the migration from 11g to 12c.

What’s going on.

Having this type defined:

CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE jka_nt_varchar2_100

In 11g it was no problem when the variable based on this type was nog properly initialized:

 l_values jka_nt_varchar2_100 := jka_nt_varchar2_100();

Only in 12c this causes the ORA-06533 error.

But this can easily be corrected by a proper handling of collections:

 l_values jka_nt_varchar2_100 := jka_nt_varchar2_100();


Correcting wrong aspect ratio….

Another video thing.

I’ve started to digitize some old VHS tapes with family stuff on it.

Took my old VHS machine from the attic, blew of some dust and connected it with my Panasonic dmr-eh68 Hardisk recorder with a svhs cable.

I put the Harddisk recorder in XP mode (highest quality) and started recording tapes in blocks from less than 1 hour to the hard drive. And copied these movies onto a dvd’s.

Now for showing some scenes to family (by uploading to youtube), I wanted to edit these files with kdenlive. Therefor I copied the VOB files from the DVD to my Laptop and merged them with cat:

$ cat VTS_01_1.VOB VTS_01_2.VOB VTS_01_TOT.VOB

This VOB had some errors in the heading, with a simple ffmpeg command this was quickly resolved. Just copy every thing into an mkv.

$ ffmpeg -i VTS_01_TOT.VOB -vcodec copy -acodec copy VTS_01_TOT.mkv

Wy a mkv container. This is because of the wrong (or better missing) aspect-ratio in the VOB file.

$ ffmpeg -i VTS_01_TOT.VOB

Results in this output: Stream #0:1[0x1e0]: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p(tv), 352×240 [SAR 200:219 DAR 880:657], 104857 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 90k tbn, 50 tbc

All that aspect SAR and DAR are completely wrong.

352×240 should be 720×576

SAR should be 720:576

DAR should be 768:576

Changing this values in an mpeg container is quite difficult. But with the tool mkvtoolnix it is quite easy to do. That’s why I used an mkv container.

Now how to change this in mkvtoolnix.

Start mkvtoolnix and navigate to the edit headers tab (on the left side).

Open the mkv file. And Edit these values in the ‘Video track 1, V_MPEG2’:

Video pixel width: 720

Video pixel height: 576

Video display width: 768

Video display height: 576Screenshot from 2016-01-08 21-54-21

From the menu save the file. Headers are now (for me) correct for editting in Kdenlive.


Dropbox alternative

With my high speed ziggo connection (200 mbit down and 20 mbit up) it’s very attractive to not spend dollars in Dropbox. So I created our own cloud.

Tool: Owncloud

Setup is very easy. I’ve installed some server. This server can be as tiny as an raspberry pi, it can be some synology. But I build my own nas (An old itx case, an Asrock Q1900dc-itx mainboard, with 4gib memory, 2x2TB Western Digital hard disks (Raid 1) and a sata laptopdrive for booting the machine with running Ubuntu server 14.04.3 lts).

Software needed is: Apache, MySql (MariaDb) and Php (better knows as LAMP). This was already installed during installation of the Ubuntu server. So now I only had to install the Owncloud packages. And even that is just as easy as adding some repository to the apt run an update en do apt-get install owncloud. Actually it’s just as boring as installing everything in Ubuntu.

After this installation open a webbrowser. type in the name of your server with owncloud as urn. In my case:

owncloud url

Oh I forgot. The hard part is: setup an owncloud mysql database and user.  You can use phpMyAdmin for that or just the mysql prompt:


$CREATE USER owncloud IDENTIFIED BY ‘[some very complicated password]’;

$GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON owncloud.* TO owncloud;

NOW the owncloud setup can start (open the previous mentioned owncloud url in your browser) and do some setup:


Ok, the only thing different from default is my data location, that is on the second mounted disk (/volume1). Create a directory owncloud data. And give that data dir www-data read-write privileges (sudo chmod www-data:www-data owncloud -R). The setup is no more than this: create an admin user, set the data folder and enter the mysql credentials.

Now the own cloud has been created.

Install clients for windows, mac,s linux, android, ithings.

I wish you a happy clouding.

nieuw uitprobeer projectje

slim framework
entomb json (weet alleen niet waarom ik die gebruik, is te veel overhead)

fullcalendar (moet heel veel hannesen om entomb json overhead uit te poetsen)


(en linux/apache/php/mysql)

view showing full table hierarchy (level) in current schema.

AS ( SELECT p.table_name table_name, LEVEL hierarchy_level
FROM all_constraints p
LEFT OUTER JOIN all_constraints r
ON r.r_constraint_name = p.constraint_name
AND r.owner = p.owner
AND ( (p.constraint_type = ‘P’ AND LEVEL = 1)
OR (p.constraint_type = ‘R’ AND LEVEL > 1))
CONNECT BY NOCYCLE PRIOR r.table_name = p.table_name)
SELECT table_name, MAX (hierarchy_level) hierarchy_level
GROUP BY table_name;