wordpress and the javascripts

Just building a simple website for my childrens hairdresser. Took the last wordpress. Found some nifty good looking template. And started to rebuild the template a bit. That is a good bit of plugins and third party thingy’s.

First of jQuery: a javascript library.

Superfish: a jquery plugin to do some fancy things with menu’s

prettyPhoto: A simple plugin to conveniently add prettyPhoto lightbox / modal overlay functionality to your WordPress posts and pages.

flexslider: An awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider toolkit.

masonry: I realy like this one, it makes everything move, like real magic. A dynamic layout plugin for jQuery
The flip-side of CSS floats

Poshy Tip – jQuery Plugin for Stylish Tooltips

lessgrid : simply said. make my site fit on a small screen by moving things around (a one site fits all devices idea)

modernizr:  a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser. (but what it does???)

The template I started with: vibe livre