installing the pcan drivers for linux


The pcan drivers for linux (ubuntu) need to be compiled. This is how I did it on Ubuntu for the pandaboard:

first install some needed dev-packages:

sudo apt-get install linux-source libncurses-dev ncurses-dev kernel-package

in peak dir

make clean

and then

do the manual installations (sudo make install) from every single lib drive and test dir.

sudo make install

test everything with:

receivetest -f=/dev/pcan32

and another test (from my laptop)

knilluz@panda:~$ cat /proc/pcan
*------------- PEAK-System CAN interfaces ( -------------
*-------------------------- Release_20120726_n (7.7.0) ----------------------
*------------- [mod] [isa] [pci] [dng] [par] [usb] [pcc] [net] --------------
*--------------------- 1 interfaces @ major 250 found -----------------------
*n -type- ndev --base-- irq --btr- --read-- --write- --irqs-- -errors- status
 32 usb can0 ffffffff 002 0x001c 00000000 00000000 0000001d 00000000 0x0000

And now the thruth. I have not the faintest idea of what this all does. The question was “We need the peak can drivers”, so I just installed everything, ran tests, got no errors. And that’s it for me. Hope the frontendguys are happy now. Oh yeah some picture.

That’s what the pcan thing looks like. When plugged in in my computer, a device /dev/pcan32 shows up.