sql runscript


I have a dir with 470 oracle package install scripts, divided in package headers (235 *.pks files) and bodies (235 *.pkb files). Just to create 1 big wrapper script, I ran these lines.

if [ -f 00run.sql ]; then rm 00run.sql; fi
for f in *.pks; do echo @@${f} >> 00run.sql; done
for f in *.pkb; do echo @@${f} >> 00run.sql; done

Now I have this 00run.sql which first installs the headers and then the bodies.

Off course no dependency checks were done, so most packages where invalid.
But there do exist scripts for this problem. And hey, there is this fine button in toad to recompile everything.
Or try DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema or UTL_RECOMP