Correcting wrong aspect ratio….

Another video thing. I’ve started to digitize some old VHS tapes with family stuff on it. Took my old VHS machine from the attic, blew of some dust and connected it with my Panasonic dmr-eh68 Hardisk recorder with a svhs cable. I put the Harddisk recorder in XP mode (highest quality) and started recording tapes […]

Dropbox alternative

With my high speed ziggo connection (200 mbit down and 20 mbit up) it’s very attractive to not spend dollars in Dropbox. So I created our own cloud. Tool: Owncloud Setup is very easy. I’ve installed some server. This server can be as tiny as an raspberry pi, it can be some synology. But I build […]

nieuw uitprobeer projectje

slim framework entomb json (weet alleen niet waarom ik die gebruik, is te veel overhead) fullcalendar (moet heel veel hannesen om entomb json overhead uit te poetsen) jquery bootstrap (en linux/apache/php/mysql)

view showing full table hierarchy (level) in current schema.

CREATE OR REPLACE FORCE VIEW PLD.PLD_TABLE_HIERARCHY_VW ( TABLE_NAME, HIERARCHY_LEVEL ) AS WITH t AS ( SELECT p.table_name table_name, LEVEL hierarchy_level FROM all_constraints p LEFT OUTER JOIN all_constraints r ON r.r_constraint_name = p.constraint_name AND r.owner = p.owner WHERE p.owner = SYS_CONTEXT (‘USERENV’, ‘CURRENT_SCHEMA’) AND ( (p.constraint_type = ‘P’ AND LEVEL = 1) OR (p.constraint_type = ‘R’ […]

listagg and the 4000 character limit

problem max size of oracle’s listagg is 4000 characters. I’ve copied some code from tom kyte, changed some varchars in clobs and now we’re happyly concatenatin large strings again. CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE t_string_agg AS OBJECT ( g_string VARCHAR2(32767), STATIC FUNCTION ODCIAggregateInitialize(sctx IN OUT t_string_agg) RETURN NUMBER, MEMBER FUNCTION ODCIAggregateIterate(self IN OUT t_string_agg, value IN […]